1. Fabric
    1. Better fibers; mainly high quality cotton and blends with elastane and polyester.
    2. Finishing Process: Each garment is thoroughly inspected before shipment, ironed, packed and inspected according to customer requirements.
  2. In House Manufacturing
    1. Since 1985, our factory’ expertise has primarily been washed garments. The factory is currently producing around 950 thousand to 1 million pieces garments annually.
    2. Fabric made in house are three yarn fleece, two yarn fleece, single jersey, double jersey, pique, interlock, different types of ribbing and spacer fabric qualities. Other types of fabric are subcontracted, but yarn is always supplied by the factory itself. Every raw roll is inspected before shipping to dye house.

 Ethical Factory Conditions

    1. Energy Efficiency
    2. Environmentally Conscious
      1. Human and industrial waste is recycled and reused for watering the plant.
      2. Paper, plastic and fabric wastes are all separated and sold for recycling.
    3. Safety & Health of Workers
      1. They care about their employees. There is a part time doctor for employees medical care. Managements ethic is to provide all employees with continual education and good working conditions stated by the Turkish Government is strictly followed.

 Exceptional Quality

    1. Designed to Last: The world is over manufacturing. The global apparel manufacturing market is forecast to reach $992 billion in value in 2021, an increase of 26.2% since 2016. Most of the over production will end up in landfill. And this is accelerated by rapid trend alterations and decreasing the amount of garments worn. We need to buy less and buy better. Bassigue promises to provide long lasting, timeless pieces.
    2. Fabric & Manufacturing Quality We have several steps in order to maintain our garment quality:

-Pre-production quality control 

-Quality control during production 

-Final inspection 

-Quality control to developing a sampling plan 

-Post-production quality evaluation

3. Our fabrics have the following properties; comfort, colorfastness and durability.

4. .Garment Accessories are inspected in the same manner as other textile and apparel products. Closures, interlinings, sewing threads and elastic waistbands are checked during preproduction, production, and post production with a final inspection.


    1. Recyclable & Biodegradable
    2. Reusable
    3. There are multiple of ways you can use Bassigue packaging. It is reusable and in very creative ways. Check out our packaging link to see our ideas.                                                          

Travel More But; 

  1. Take a carry on and pack light.
  2. Take a direct flight.
  3. Offset your carbon for flights.

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Their projects uses a mix of reforestation, forest protection and renewable energy projects and they offset their own staff travel as well.

  1. Wear Bassigue! We made it easy for you to offset your online shipping as well. You have the option of paying a little extra to offset their carbon footprint at checkout!